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Last update: Sep. 1, 2016



Viladecans is a coastal community, located 12 kilometres from (and part of the complex regional metropolitan area of) Barcelona.
Specific innovation involves the balanced integration of eco-building and renewable energy supplies in new development areas with extensive public dissemination of all activities. The city has committed to reducing CO2 emissions: On 1996 elaborated the Agenda 21 and on 1997 Viladecans had been incorporated to 'Barcelona network of towns towards sustainability'. In addition, Viladecans has signed the Declaration of Vilafranca (Towns engaged in preventing climate change) on May 2005 which is an initiative covering the whole Barcelona provincial council. Finally, Viladecans has signed its adhesion to the Covenant of Mayors on 23rd October of 2008. Promotion of future development has been integrated into the community economically and efficiently.

In the frame of cRRescendo, five public buildings will be built or largely refurbished (day care centre, youth cultural centre, historical cultural centre, sports building and municipal building) and 60 new social housing dwelling will be built with high energy efficiency requirements. In the next coming years, the municipality will also install 1 MW of photovoltaic panels in the city and will build 2.000 new dwellings in a new eco-district called Llevant. It is completed with the Solar Norm (approved on 2005 by the Plennary of City Council) that oblige to install solar thermal collectors in new buildings and large refurbished buildings to produce, at least, 60% of hot water needs.

Finally, Viladecans Council is elaborating its Action Plan for Sustainable Energy at the present that contents 143 specific actions for this purpose.

Can Xic is a refurbished ancient country house transformed in a cultural and information centre for young people. The building has an efficient envelope as well as high efficient cooling, heating and lighting. There is a photovoltaic installation of 10,3 kW.

La Pineda Day Nursery is a new building for children from 4 months to 3 years old. The building has a efficient envelope as well as high efficient cooling, heating and lighting. The building has 12,5 m2 of solar panels and 13,9 kW of photovoltaic panels.

The Council is engaged in installing 1MW of photovoltaic panels in the municipality, up to 342 kW of them are part of cRRescendo project.


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